On Sept. 23, 1983, Cindy became a born again believer. In 2004, Cindy started having heavenly visions and a relationship with our Heavenly Father. In 2012, the Lord told her that He wanted her to paint these visions. Even though she had never painted before, the Lord had her painting at her church. A few years later the Lord had her write and publish a book even though she had never written professionally in any way. Now the Lord had her launch this website. This story of creativity is still on-going and is consistently bringing new adventures into Cindy’s life. Read the testimony of how God used a multitude of creative avenues to heal and deliver! The book, “Releasing the Creativity in You” is available in paperback or ebook by clicking the link on this website or by going to Amazon.com. Cindy’s 2nd book, “The Language of Love” is now available on Kindle in ebook form. View Cindy’s recent interview with Bonnie Jones on Youtube. “The Good News Express International”.

Rainbow Artistry