We need to forgive those who hurt us. We need to forgive ourselves. And sometimes we need to forgive God even though he doesn’t do anything to hurt us.

Sometimes we believe God has done something. We don’t understand his ways because they are different than our ways. Many times we blame God for what we have done or what the enemy is doing. God is not a harsh task master keeping track of all of your sins. He sets boundaries which protect us from the enemies attacks.

If you have trouble forgiving someone or yourself or even God then do this;

Close your eyes and put your hands on your stomach. Tell the Jesus in you to forgive those you need to forgive. Tell the Jesus in you to forgive you for judging yourself. Tell the Jesus in you to forgive you for judging him when you didn’t understand his ways or what was happening. Receive his forgiveness.

Judgement and unforgiveness are the same thing.

Let Jesus in you forgive even if you don’t believe in him!! You will feel this leave you. You’ll feel his peace and his joy. If you have anxiety it will leave!!

Bless those who hurt you and curse you! ♥️

Rainbow Artistry