Do you hunger for more of God? Jesus wants us to know Him not just know about Him. Come with me and explore in this adventure “The Language of Love”. Don’t miss out on all that Jesus has provided for you. “The Language of Love”, often referred to as a “descriptive picture book” – due to the abundance of images included, shares some of the beautiful paintings created by Cindy and the divine meanings behind them. The Lord sends Cindy visions, words, and the inspiration of using art to visually display God’s message. Go through a visionary journey with beautiful paintings and inspiring words from God and Scriptures, describing the spiritual meanings of the colors and meaning behind her art. Click on the link to Amazon to download to Kindle Reader APP. If you sign up for Kindle Reader App you may be able to read the book for free. Or if you would like a PDF version contact Cindy Directly.

Rainbow Artistry